Before the Big Bang: The No Boundary Proposal

Skydivephil has just released a new film in his Before the Big Bang Series that explores competing scientific models of the early universe. In this part Stephen Hawking and his colleagues James Hartle and Thomas Hertog discuss their No Boundary Proposal for the quantum origin of our universe.

In the film Hawking discussed his new work which implies the multiverse of eternal inflation is actually finite rather than infinite. Although the film is about the science of the early universe, some of it touches on issues raised in atheists/theist debates. For example, some theists claim that if inflation generates a multiverse it doesn't solve fine tuning, since inflation itself needs fine tuning. But these scientists counter that inflation does not need fine tuning in The No Boundary Proposal. At the 49:03 mark, Hawking finishes with a nice quote about why the universe does not need an intelligent creator. Enjoy.