Don Camp On Nature's God and Sectarian Faith

From the time humans became humans we have looked at nature around us and at the heavens and have come to the conclusion that there is something or Someone behind the beauty and order we see there. That has been true of primitive American Indians, tribes in Africa and in India. Show me one primitive people who have not come to that conclusion. Show me one primitive atheist tribe. It is true of many of the greatest thinkers of our modern era. I've listed many here over the months. So, no arguing God from nature is not special pleading. It is based on very real and measured evidence.
Don, you cannot use nature to get to your god. Please get the point!

Arguing from nature to your particular Christian sect is most defiantly special pleading because the same exact "evidence" leads to thousands of different gods. You cannot exclude those other gods and treat yours as special, lest you special plead your case. Many of us are atheists after admitting this point, by realizing there isn't a good reason to treat the religious faith of our upbringing and culture any specially than we do the other ones we reject.

Furthermore, it's ridiculous to the point of nihilistic absurdity to challenge me to show one primitive atheist tribe. For atheism is not the natural bent of human beings who have evolved from agency-detecting common ancestors. It takes knowledge to be an atheist. It takes the ability to be skeptical. So it stands to reason that primitive people are religious believers because they don't know not to be. That hardly is a reason to believe. In fact, precisely because primitive people lacked the necessary critical thinking skills to doubt is a good reason not to believe at all.

The real debate is not between skepticism and your Christian sect, since skepticism is an attitude not a viewpoint. The real debate is between your Christian sect and all other Christian and non-Christian sects. Most all of them use fine tuning as evidence for their faith. So fine tuning does not get you to your Christian sect. Using fine tuning to get to your sect is special pleading to your Christian sect. Got it?

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