Donation Time if You're So Inclined

For several years I have had just one regular reader who sends me, on average, a donation of $50 per month. With this month's donation he wrote:
Hello John, As always thanks for providing such a great website for skeptics, doubters and atheists. For years now it has been my go to site where I can find encouragement and answers. Your persistance over the years has been inspirational. The various writers and commenters make the site a great place to learn. Debunking Christianity is a five star site!! Best regards, Spencer
I agree that somehow I have attracted fantastic writers and commenters, as he said. If you agree this is a great site, it would be very helpful at this time of year for you to donate too. Use PayPal with my email address, Along with it send me a personal message and I'll share that too, if you wish. Don't be like Mr. Scrooge. ;-) May you have the happiest of holidays this year.