Why Is It That Scientific Minded People Cannot Believe?

Scientific minded people who are consistently scientifically minded, without compartmentalization, cannot believe. Why is that? Why is science so successful yet god(s) condemn scientifically minded people who cannot believe? It doesn't make any sense, but then faith makes no sense. To see why everyone should think like a scientist read the first chapter in my anthology, Christianity in the Light of Science. The evidence is there that people who truly require sufficient objective empirical evidence cannot believe in invisible gods based on paltry testimonial evidence coming from an ancient superstitious world. Adopting methodological naturalism is all it takes to make scientists into metaphysical naturalists. Yet methodological naturalism is required for science. Let me put this point in the clearest most forceful way I can:

The principle of secularism is well established as a necessity in politics, seen in the separation of church and state. Thankfully, it incrementally keeps theocracy's barbarians at bay, with their different "divine revelations" dictating how the rest of us should live.

Methodological naturalism is secularism's counter-part when it comes to knowledge about the nature of nature, its workings and origins. Just as "divine revelations" should not dictate politics so also they should not dictate science. If it's good for the one it's good for the other.

Upon recognizing that the principle of secularism is good for both politics and science, it's but a small tiny step to see it's also good to evaluate religion itself for truth, if there is any. When that tipping point happens one can easily become a metaphysical naturalist. It's the logical conclusion of recognizing god(s) and their revelations are irrelevant, unnecessary and even detrimental for good thinking, good living and for gaining sound knowledge about the nature of nature, it's workings and origins. Scientists can indeed use methodological naturalism without becoming metaphysical naturalists, due to mental compartmentalization, but methodological naturalism is the gateway drug to metaphysical naturalism.