Robert Conner's Book On the Resurrection of Jesus Is Now Available!

The book is titled, Apparitions of Jesus: The Resurrection as Ghost Story. Of Conner we're told he "studied Greek and Hebrew at Western Kentucky University from 1975 through 1977. Since 1983, he has published three books on magic in early Christianity, and a study of the “Secret” gospel of Mark controversy. He has always been fascinated with languages and enjoys reading the gospels in their original tongue." Conner is a blog member here at DC and comments frequently.

Both David Madison and I wrote blurbs for his book. Here's what I wrote:
We know the New Testament authors believed in ghost stories (Matt. 14:25-26; Luke 24:37). Was the resurrection tale of Jesus one of them? The Jesus we read about certainly had ghost-like qualities. He could appear mysteriously (Luke 24:36), go through closed doors (John 20:19), and vanish at will (Luke 24:31). These were some essential characteristics of Greco-Roman ghost folklore. In this provocative and insightful groundbreaking book, Robert Conner argues the resurrection tale is a ghost story from ancient superstitious people.

—John W. Loftus, author of Unapologetic: Why Philosophy of Religion Must End; editor, The Christian Delusion.
Dr. Madison plans to review Conner's book here sometime in June.