Social Evolution Exposes Religion for What It Really Is

The #MeToo movement apparently is making its presence felt in Southern Baptist churches. This isn't the first time that secular social movements have tried to knock down the doors of cultural convention. Religion is just another culturally crafted expectation designed at least in part to keep people under the crushing rule of churches. 

The Catholic Church and its horrendous treatment of children and women as well as its impact upon the lives of poor people by denying them the right to birth control has long been under the radar. Their crimes, lack of moral ethics and coercive practices are no longer a secret. Recently, the weary people of Ireland voted against the ban on abortion, continuing to strip away the once  unquestionable power of a religious institution that has caused much pain and suffering. People who become a catholic these days are choosing to walk into this den of iniquity with eyes wide open, supporting an institution that is steeped in archaic darkness. 

The muslim religion continues to withhold autonomy and freedom from women in many parts of the world, stubbornly clinging to cruel and offensive practices. 

The act of keeping women under lock and key, tucked away behind closed doors and constantly under surveillance is an abomination created not by a god but by men protecting their power. As the secular world moves forward with an eye to equality, the muslim world stands staunchly in the past with a grim determination to hold a big part of their population hostage. 

Finally, rabid evangelicals are under fire.  

Social evolution is causing a ruckus for home-grown American religions. This backlash is heartbreakingly overdue. Growing up, I saw every kind of abuse imaginable as my family crisscrossed the nation in search of a church that was radical enough to deserve their membership. Not once did a Christian ever lift a finger to expose this shit or protect children and women from atrocities. In the face of horrors equal to torture, they remained quiet and complicit. Why? Because the bible actually condones this treatment. How does one fight for equality and justice while serving a god that approves, even demands the complete opposite? 

Religion has caused and continues to cause huge personal and social harm. 

My liberal Christian friends and acquaintances do not seem to understand that these myths that are so pervasive all over the world are standing in the way of social progress. They are keeping people poor, calling upon parents to whip and beat children, persecuting our LGBTQ sons and daughters, robbing women of freedom and autonomy and keeping males in positions of power. 

There is nothing about the Bible that supports or encourages the change the world so desperately needs. 

To denounce such horrible treatment of over half the population, women and children, but then turn around and praise the very institutions that continue to hold the world hostage is no longer defensible. We know too much these days. When a liberal Christian claims that they have a different god than the radical Christian, they're living in a state of deep denial.  When they take it upon themselves to try and explain away the scriptures that support such crimes and misdemeanors, they are standing in the way of the very progress they say they want.

Yes, I am a voice in the wilderness, but I figure I was hardwired to write and my past experiences have given me insight into the perpetual Dark Ages of religion. 

I will continue to speak with my pen because I see religion not as a harmless pastime but as a great evil. It's time for reason, logic, and the ethical behavior of a growing humanist movement to become humanity's way to a better future for all. If you are part of a system that requires a secular revolution in order to challenge your religious traditions that are harming  people, robbing them of their personal freedom, coercing people into compliance and even killing innocent victims, YOU are part of the problem.