The Top Five Books On Bible Prophecy

There's a great deal of crap out there about Bible prophecy. Read these five books in descending order instead:

5) Kenneth Berding, editor, Three Views on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament. This book will introduce fundamentalists to the idea Christians disagree with each other. It begins here. Peter Enns does a good job of showing why it's not cut and dried.

4) Joseph A Fitzmyer, The One Who Is to Come. Fitzmyer is a Catholic Biblical scholar who does a good job of debunking most of the so-called Messianic prophecies.

3) Tim Callahan, Bible Prophecy: Failure of Fulfillment?. Callahan provides the criteria for considering what makes for a fulfilled prophecy, then he uses that criteria to examine most every prophecy in the Bible.

2) Robert M. Price, Paperback Apocalypse: How the Christian Church Was Left Behind. Price eviscerates the end times apocalyptic predictions of people like Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.

1) Robert J. Miller, Helping Jesus Fulfill Prophecy. Miller eviscerates the Christian argument from prophecy. Previously I've said there is no evidence of prophecy in the Old Testament that proves Jesus is who Christians believe he is, if read according the standard historical grammatical method of interpretation. This book proves it in almost 400 pages of text! With no argument from prophecy comes no extraordinary or miraculous evidence either.