The Arrogance of Faith!

In response to this Meme on your left, David Poling sarcastically said on Facebook: "What could be more arrogant than a child asking his father for an ice cream cone when he didn't even take him to Disney World?"

My response: There is a huge magnitude of difference between averting the Holocaust and averting mild hunger pains. There should be no gratuitous horrendous kinds suffering in our world. Kind parents would never allow them. They would quickly put a stop to them and/or shelter their kids. Good bureaucrats/judges in a civil society would never allow them. They would put killers, rapists and gangsters in jails and prisons away from the rest of us.

Every bit of suffering above the horrors of a gang rape should not be tolerated by a perfectly good omnipotent being, and even THAT should not be tolerated!

Now I don't have to split hairs to determine when enough suffering is tolerable. All I have to say is that the greater the amount of suffering tolerated by a perfectly good omnipotent god, then the greater the problem of suffering is for good people to continue to believe in a perfectly good omnipotent god. If someone wants to punt to free will then become educated about the nature and value of free will.