Two Early Blurbs For My Upcoming Anthology On Miracles

I previously announced this anthology here. Two early blurbs have come in. One is by Michael Shermer and the other by Dan Lambert. See below:

Michael Shermer wrote the Foreword to the anthology. The following blurb is extracted from it:
It is vital that we have a viable response to the claims of Christians and others that miracles are real, and John Loftus has done just that in this, the most comprehensive work ever compiled for, as it is aptly titled, The Case against Miracles. The chapters span the range of miracle claims, including the philosophical arguments of Christian apologists, biblical miracles from the Old Testament to the New, the miracle of creation, the miracle of life, the miracle of Noah’s Flood, the miracle of the virgin birth of Jesus, the miracles Jesus’ allegedly performed such as turning water into wine and raising the dead, and of course the biggest miracle of them all, Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Loftus devotes a chapter to the resurrection and it is the best analysis I’ve ever read. I thought I knew a lot on these topics—inasmuch as I was once a born-again Christian myself and made these arguments, then became a born-again Skeptic debating believers—but I learned more from reading this one book than all other works combined. The Case against Miracles belongs in every library and personal bookcase of both believers and skeptics.
--Michael Shermer is publisher of Skeptic magazine ( For nearly 18 years he was the monthly “Skeptic” columnist for Scientific American. He is the author of numerous books including Why People Believe Weird Things, The Believing Brain, The Moral Arc and Heavens on Earth.

People of all faiths – and of no faith – will find The Case against Miracles to be a fascinating read filled with thoughts that will challenge them, with ideas that will lead them to research more, and with philosophical premises that will create meaningful discussions.
--Rev. Dr. Dan Lambert Minister, First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Palm Beaches.