The Story of Loop Quantum Gravity - From the Big Bounce to Black Holes

Given that William Lane Craig was recently interviewed along with Roger Penrose, here's a new film that may be of interest. It's the story of loop quantum gravity. It's the main rival to string theory for a quantum theory of gravity. Interviewed are many of the leaders in the field including bestselling author Carlo Rovelli, Sir Roger Penrose, Einstein Prize Winner Abhay Ashtekar, Lee Smolin and others.

Although the film is primarily focused on the science, there are some moments which will be of interest to those interested in atheist/theist debates. In particular many of the scientists in this film explain why they think fine tuning is not the problem theists claim it is. They also claim the big bang is not the beginning and the universe may be eternal into the past. Abhay Ashtekar, who last year won the American Physical Society’s Einstein Prize, addresses the claims of William Lane Craig with regards to past eternal universes and the BGV theorem. There is a lot of ammo atheist can use in future debates from some of the top theoretical physicists in the world.