Mathematician Roger Penrose vs Christian Apologist William Lane Craig

From skydivephil
We just released another short film which compiles the back and forth between Sir Roger Penrose and William Lane Craig. I think it shows Craig either not understanding cosmology or being dishonest about. When asked about Penrose's cyclic model Craig said it wasn't a cyclic model and it has a definite beginning. Penrose said that was wrong. Craig then doubled down and we went back , not just to Penrose, but also his colleagues. They all said Craig didn't understand relativity.

We also show that Craig quotes Penrose saying the universe is fine tuned for life. But Penrose himself says he doesn't believe in fine tuning. He also said he agreed with Sean Carrroll's point that the entropy clearly isn't fine tuned for life. This despite the fact that Penrose's name was trotted out by Craig as someone supporting fine tuning.

Lastly in his discussion with Lawrence Krauss , Craig said to the audience his co author James Sinclair, is a physicist. We show that claim is extremely dubious.