"Crying Won't Help you, Praying Won't Do You No Good"

Here is a discussion I had with a guy who continues to pray for me despite the fact that I have committed the unpardonable sin of blasphemy the Holy Spirit. I inform him that his faith will eventually die and I show it might take the extinction of life as we know it, but it will die.

J.A.: I thought you might be interested in the nature of my prayers for you lately. I have been praying that the joy and satisfaction you garner leading others away from the faith would lose its luster for you, that it would be increasingly unfulfilling. That you would become jaded to your own self imposed journey. I am quite sure you will be amused by these prayers, but they are my prayers nonetheless.


Thanks J.A. Hey, how about praying what you really wish for, my conversion back? Why limit your god with mundane types of prayers that are sure to be fulfilled since I'm growing older and my work is almost done?

J.A.: John, I do pray for that as well, it’s a process. I believe as does your former mentor that someday you will return. I hope you have many days and years left John, but like me, the reality is that we are closer to the finish line than the start. My prayer is that you finish strong focusing on that which is eternal in nature. Skeptics come and then they go, the kingdom of God has withstood it all.


The kingdom of God you know isn't the same kingdom of God of the past generation, or the many generations before then. It changes like a chameleon. So no, your view of the kingdom of god will change as surely as the previous ones. Will it be another round of the Death of God theology, Protest Theology, or the theology of universal salvation for all? But it will die, eventually. Maybe what it might take is the extinction of life as we know it, but it will die.


J.A. read this:
Forget nuclear weapons, biological warfare, and the slew of other ways humanity could cause its own destruction for a moment.

If you take into account only naturally occurring phenomena — supervolcanic eruptions, asteroid impacts, and the like — researchers from the University of Oxford recently determined that the probability of our entire species going extinct in any given year is as high as one in 14,000. LINK.