Dr. Josh Rasmussen Offers To Trade Books With Me

I have initiated these types of requests. I also receive these types of requests. Some I accept. Others I don't. It depends mainly on whether I want the offered book.

I was honored by the request of Dr. Josh Rasmussen to exchange a copy of his book, How Reason Can Lead to God: A Philosopher's Bridge to Faith, for a copy of my book, The Case against Miracles. But I declined the offer. I really have no interest in his book. Here is how that pleasant exchange took place:

Rasmussen: Congratulations on this project. I'm sure it will serve everyone who seeks truth about the way our world *really* works.

Rasmussen: Maybe we can have a book exchange. :) I'd be interested in your thoughts on How Reason Can Lead to God. There might be some interesting overlap, in that I allow for a "natural" foundation.

Loftus: Congratulations yourself! The blurbs for your book are very impressive!!

I see you didn't title your book "How Objective Evidence Can Lead to the Fundamentalist Religion I Just Happened To Be Raised to Believe." Why not?

I see you also authored "Defending the Correspondence Theory of Truth" and "Necessary Existence."

Your focus is so far off the mark of that which I consider to be important I'm not interested in reading your book.

My focus is on the lack of objective evidence for religions in general and Christianity in particular.

Additionally I have a bit of disdain for the philosophy of religion in defense of religion as seen in my book Unapologetic: Why Philosophy of Religion Must End. Nick Trakakis recently endorsed that book.

Loftus: Josh Rasmussen however, I could send you a copy of my book, if you want. You see, whether miracles happen(ed) or not is a CRUCIAL issue in your case for your "God".

Tell you what, if upon reading it you have to admit there is a good deal of information you hadn't considered before then you send me full payment for it. Honor system will work here.

Rasmussen: John W. Loftus, I just ordered an e-version online. I'll let you know what I think of your book. :) Quite possibly, the conclusions of my book could be consistent with your most significant points, which maybe is why it would be less relevant to your mission. Not sure.

Loftus: Josh Rasmussen thanks! Let me know what you think. You obviously have an extremely bright mind.