My Particular Counter-Apologist Stance

Rather than chasing religionists down the ever receding hole of definitions, I talk in terms of concrete examples. Do it and you too will have better, more fruitful discussion/debates. This is my counter-apologist stance.

You want to talk about miracles? Let's look at the virgin birth. You want to talk about evil? Let's look at the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. You want to talk about morality? Let's look at the biblical view of genocide and child sacrifice to Yahweh.

This is knockout meme #622, as compiled by David Madison. Check them out and share them when called for! Just so I'm clear, I'm not interested in possibilities, or hypothetical scenarios, or arguing with Devil's Advocates on the issues I write about. I'm only interested in probabilities. We need to think exclusively according to the probabilities by proportioning what we conclude based on them.