Open Letter to Evangelicals Demands an End to the Trump Cult!

On January 18, in partnership with the members and officers of the Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR), a number of high-ranking faith leaders, biblical scholars, philosophers, and other academics have signed an open letter denouncing evangelical leaders and evangelical institutions that have politically entangled themselves with the corrupting influence of Donald J. Trump.

What is significant about this open letter is the list of signatories who are trained professionals and religious specialists, including career philosophers of religion, bishops, pastors, priests, rabbis, theologians, atheists, and other academic scholars. Just some of the bigger names on the list are:
  • Brian McLaren
  • Doug Pagitt
  • Eleonore Stump, PhD
  • Dean W. Zimmerman, PhD
  • David Kyle Johnson, PhD
  • Darren M. Slade, PhD
  • Rev. Peter Antoci, PhD
  • Jack David Eller, PhD
  • Evan Fales, PhD
  • Rabbi Charles David Isbell, PhD
These are current and former evangelicals (who know more about the Christian religion than just about anybody) demanding an end to the cult-like determination of ignoring Mr. Trump’s blatant and obvious moral depravity. What's more, the letter continues amassing signatures from other religious specialists who want their voices heard. Just as the underground Confessional Church separated itself from the German Evangelical church in the 1930s, by way of the Barmen Declaration, this letter will make history in its acknowledgment and denouncement of the growing Trump cult.

You can do your part, as well. Visit the open letter online and share it with your friends, colleagues, and other interested parties to continue exposing the corruption and hypocrisy of Trump-supporting evangelical leaders and institutions. It's time you make your voice heard publically by joining these academic scholars.