Julie Carole, a Canadian, On Universal Healthcare

Julie Carole, a Canadian, wrote this on Facebook. I approve of this message. People are being confused and deceived by the filthy rich class of people to fear what they need not fear.


It utterly boggles my mind on the daily how USians protest health care and it's supposed costs, but say nothing at all about the huge, wasteful, mostly unsupervised costs of the US military or, about the more than 300 BILLION that was spent waging the so-called "war" on drugs, or the bloody WASTE inside government literally on office supplies, plant (meaning furniture, decorating, etc, etc) of politicians' offices.

People who become bankrupt trying not to die COST EVERYONE.

People who cannot afford to pay their mortgage because they've had a baby cost EVERYONE. People who have no money to buy groceries, clothing - who can't participate in the economy - because they needed medical care COST EVERYONE.

Economies run when people can participate - buy things. Economies also run when people who are infectious - because flu and corona virus are REAL THINGS - can get medical care without sacrificing their next month's mortgage, food, clothing for their kids.

It is literally immoral and unethical to protest and prevent universal health care. EVERY other developed country provides health care and every one of those countries has a functioning, effective economy.

And this RIDICULOUS obsession with "socialism," which far too many USians do not understand is different than communism, which they also don't understand. It's WHY THEY HAVE ROADS AND GARBAGE PICKUP AND PARKS AND PUBLIC TRANSPORT....

f*ck. Honestly.