On Medicare for All and Climate Change

Bernie Sanders has said, "No one asks where we're going to get the money to pay for the military budget or for Social Security. People only ask that question when it comes to universal health care and climate change." The fact is there's a strong possibility the changes Sanders proposes will actually save us money!! Now what will his naysayers say? Even if it will cost more, if cost is the only factor then why not do away with the military and Social Security!

1. On Medicare for All:

Here's a list of countries with universal health care. If most major countries can do this the US can too!

Multiple studies show Medicare for All would be cheaper than public option pushed by moderates.

2. On Climate Change:

When it comes to climate change we have no other choice but to act now.

The facts of climate change are incontestable and the most important reason why we should elect a Democratic President come November. Here's how climate change impacted Nevada's cacuses.

Here's a breakdown of Bernie's tax rates. He's willing to pay his fair share of taxes, and he's willing to live under his own Medicare plan!