Book Review of John Loftus' The Case Against Miracles by Dr. Gregory Michna

The peer-reviewed academic journal, Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry (SHERM), just published a book review of John Loftus' latest anthology, The Case Against Miracles.
In it, Assistant Professor of History at Arkansas Tech University, Dr. Gregory Michna, gives a section-by-section review of the book from a scholastic perspective, appraising both its academic worth and style of argumentation. At one point, Dr. Michna writes,
The assorted contributors who provided essays for The Case Against Miracles offer a range of arguments—from the philosophical and intellectual to specific historic deconstructions—suggesting that miracles fly in the face of reason and should be met with credulity. They provide a wide survey of issues inherent in miraculous claims that will give any reader much to consider.
You can read Dr. Michna's entire article for free as part of the Global Center for Religious Research's commitment to publishing the latest in scientific research on religion. LINK.