Now is a Good Time to Read My Latest Anthology, Yes?

Why don't you read some books while staying home during the next few weeks and months? Here is one suggestion, my latest anthology!

It's very gratifying to hear the recommendations of this new work titled, The Case against Miracles. Like almost every single book of mine it's highly recommended by thinkers and scholars on BOTH SIDES of our debates!

Of it, famed Christian apologist Dr. Gary Habermas said:
Christians need be aware of what non-Christian scholars are saying. In this thoughtful and stimulating volume, editor John Loftus brings together a number of the most accomplished atheists and other skeptics to deal with the crucial topic of miracles, an issue that is important on all sides.
Catholic apologist Trent Horn, author of nine books including Answering Atheism, said:
While some entries are stronger than others, The Case Against Miracles represents a powerful critique of the miraculous. Its central arguments demand the attention of any serious defender of the Christian faith.
Dr. David Madison said:
The previous four Loftus anthologies have left little of Christianity intact. Of course, apologists continue to flail, but the case against miracles—so massively documented in this new 562-page book—wipes out all vestiges of this primitive, magical thinking.
Dr. Peter Boghossian just wrote this additional comment on Twitter: