Why The Democratic Party Doesn't Want Sanders & Why You Should!

Here are two important essays and a video interview with Michael Moore:
One) In truth, the divisive attacks on Sanders and Warren have nothing to do with assuring Democratic unity, or victory. Rather, they serve to defend deeply embedded financial interests and the wealthy donor class on which the mainstream Democratic Party has come to rely. Such wealthy interests are adamantly opposed to the types of policies being advocated by Sanders and Warren—such as Medicare for All and a Green New Deal—that would threaten their concentrated financial and political power. Centrists Don’t Want “Party Unity”—They Want to Defend the Wealthy.
Two) Democratic officials have insisted that Donald Trump is an unprecedented threat to the republic, a fascist and racist dictator whose removal from power is the paramount, if not the only, political priority. Yet the strategy on which they are now explicitly relying to prevent Sen. Bernie Sanders from being their 2020 presidential nominee — a brokered convention at which party elites anoint a nominee other than the one who receives the most votes and wins the most delegates during the primary process — is the one most likely to ensure Trump’s reelection. Democrats Craving a Brokered Convention — Including Elizabeth Warren — Should Learn the Lessons of 1968.
Three) Michael Moore in this interview says the democratic party is not thinking about who can beat Trump but who can beat Sanders. Isn't it obvious? Biden has ran for the Presidency three times and only won one state a few days ago, South Carolina. So they're risking losing to Trump.


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