Bradley Dalton Reviews My Magnum Opus!

“Why I Became An Atheist” (WBA) was revolutionary for me. I first read it in 2016 when I was 18 years old. I had been doubting my faith for awhile and came across a lot of different resources debating atheism vs theism. One day I was watching The David Pakman show and he interviewed John Loftus. I used to minister to youth groups in high school. So, seeing someone like Loftus who was once all in for Jesus, become an atheist intrigued me. Out of curiosity, I decided to purchase WBA.

It was the final nail in the coffin for my faith and has led to my ever growing interest in religion in politics than I’m engaged in to this day. I grew up in a Pentecostal Church. My faith in Jesus meant the world to me. I read the Bible cover to cover in High School, I prayed daily, and I wanted to help bring people to the Lord. I was a genuine believer at heart.

When I first read WBA, I was blown away by the level of knowledge that Loftus had on Christianity. I had never seen anything like it before. I enjoy the book so much that I’m reading it for a third time. I’ve also read and reviewed several other John Loftus books. I believe that this is his best work.

If anyone comes across this that knows me personally (or a Christian who may scoff at the idea of atheism), then I ask that you read this book with an open mind. That is all. At least that way you have a better understanding of why I and others have left the Christian Faith for good. If you read the book and don’t agree, great! That means your faith should come out stronger than before. However, if you come out and no longer believe (or have serious doubts) then you will know that your faith was either a lie or you can understand why people like Loftus, myself, and others no longer believe. In this review I will give a brief summary of every chapter with some personal thoughts of my own. I hope this encourages you to read the book, or at least share it with someone else.
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