My Last Anthology: God and Horrendous Suffering

I just finished my own contributions for my last anthology, to be titled, God and Horrendous Suffering, to be published next year by Global Center for Religious Research. I'm done. It's time to enjoy life more. What a ride this has been! No more books. I've written all the books I want to write. I'm very grateful for my readers and your encouragement over the years. It has been very frustrating at times. But it has also been very rewarding knowing I made a difference to some degree. I'll still be here writing for my blog DC, Facebook, and Twitter, along with doing podcasts, speaking engagements, and debates, so no worries. I'm even thinking about doing some videos, we'll see. 

I didn't write a single chapter for Christianity in the Light of Science, and only one chapter for The End of ChristianityBut in this upcoming anthology I've written the Introduction plus five chapters! That's because I'm an expert on this problem, more so than on other issues.

Today I finished my last chapter on Calvinism. I think it may be the best chapter I've ever written! Given God's pre-ordained decretive will he must agree. However, I might change my mind just to fuck with him. ;-) Below is the Table of Contents. It's an excellent model for how philosophers, apologists, and theologians should've been discussing this problem decades ago. If you place this upcoming anthology next to Christianity is Not Great, you'll have everything needed to understand why we think it's worthwhile to debunk Christianity, and religion in general. 


God and Horrendous Suffering.

Foreword, by Stephen Law

Introduction, by John Loftus

Part 1 A Prolegomena to Horrendous Suffering

1. John Loftus, In Defense of Hitchens’s Razor

Part 2 Philosophical and Apologetical Problems 

2. N.N. Trakakis, Swinburne vs Swinburne

3. William Patterson, A Rawlsian Approach to Theodicy

4. John Loftus, The Problem of Animal Suffering

5. Darren Slade, Failed to Death: Misotheism and Childhood Suffering

6. Vitaly Malkin, The Problem of the Jewish Holocaust

7. John Loftus, On Making Excuses for God

8. David Kyle Johnson, Refuting Skeptical Theism 

 Part 3 Theological and Religious Problems

9. Robert Price, Theodicy: The Idiocy

10. John Loftus, The Abject Failure of the God of Creation, Revelation, and Redemption

11. David Eller, Pious Pain: Self-Harm as Religious Work and Religious Good

12. Mark Gura, On Falsifying Buddhism, Karma and Rebirth

13. Taner Edis, Doubt and Submission: Why Evil is a Minor Problem for Islam

14. John Loftus, The Awful Controlling Damning Lying Calvinist God

15. Gunther Laird, Dissolving the Thomistic Solution to Evil

Part 4 Biblical, Historical and Personal Problems

16. Elicka Peterson Sparks, Christian Nationalism is Criminogenic

17. Dan Barker, Supernatural Evil

18. David Madison, Bible Horror Tales That’ll Chill You To the Bone 

19. David Madison, The Bible Fails to Make Sense of Human Suffering

20. William A. Zingrone, The Suffering Caused by Faith

21. Michael Paulkovich, The Ascent and Reign of the Christian Behemoth

22. Dale W. O’Neal, The Making and Unmaking of a Christian Zealot

About the Contributors

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