The College/Seminary/University Transcripts of John W. Loftus

I recently realized I hadn't shared my transcripts before. If you wonder what I know that makes my critique of Christianity quite powerful it's because I know the beast very well, having been taught a lot of things by the best of the lot. See what you think the next time someone calls me a "pop atheist", like Matthew Flannagan did recently, whom I regard as one of the most disingenuous Christian apologists out there (and there are plenty of them).     
---1977 B.R.E from Great Lakes Bible/Christian College [GLCC]/ Major: New Testament. Minor: Christian Ministries.
---1982 M.A. and M.Div from Lincoln Christian Seminary/University [LCS]. Major: Theology/Philosophy. Half of my hours were taken under James D. Strauss [JDS]
---1985 Th.M. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School [TEDS]. Major: Philosophy of Religion. Half of my hours were taken under William Lane Craig. [WLC] I've written a great deal about him and recommended the book Unreasonable Faith as a good response. 
---1986-1988 Ph.D studies at Marquette University [MU]. Double Major: Theology & Ethics. 
At Marquette University Daniel MaGuire was my professor for a class called "Theological Ethics" in which I wrote a paper on "Justice" and received a low grade. Dr. MaGuire could see quite plainly I didn't understand the Old Testament as the evangelical I was, who regarded the whole Bible equally as God's word in every respect. MaGuire said I must take an Old Testament class before I could graduate. Then since he was on the committee to dole out the limited stipends to students that year, my funds were cut, which depressed me a great deal. I wasn't alone. Others had their funding cut as well. But this was probably a key factor as to why my funds were cut. Times were tough for the theological department and I gave them the excuse they needed. When it came to biblical scholarship of the Old Testament I truly was not educated. More importantly my father was dying of cancer so I took a Senior Minister position in Angola, Indiana. I had hopes I would someday finish my PhD, but something happened on the way to paradise. The rest is history, as they say.
As I look back, even I am surprised at the wealth of knowledge I learned in a number of subjects during my years in college. 
Philosophy Classes:
LCS Major Philosophical Thinkers/Systems I [JDS]
LCS Philosophy of Language [JDS]
LCS Historiography of Physical Science [JDS]
LCS Historiography of Economical & Political Theories [JDS]
LCS Historiography of Theories of History [JDS]
LCS Historiography of Theories of Mind [JDS]
TEDS Religious Epistemology (with Stuart Hackett).
TEDS Analytic Philosophy (with Paul Feinberg).
TEDS Theism [WLC]
TEDS Concept of God [WLC]
TEDS Christian Thought
TEDS Philosophy of Religion: Descartes [WLC]
TEDS History of Philosophy of Religion 
TEDS Existentialism [WLC]
TEDS Religion and Science (i.e., Philosophy of Science) [WLC]
MU Philosophy of Knowledge (with Marc Griesbach).
GLCC Ethics
TEDS Current Issues in Evangelical Ethics (with Kenneth Kantzer).
MU Theological Ethics (with Daniel Maguire)
MU Protestant Tradition of Christian Ethics (with Ronald Feenstra).
GLCC Christian Doctrine
GLCC Hermeneutics 
LCS Seminar: Theology & Hermeneutics [JDS]
LCS 19th Century Theology [JDS]
LCS 20th Century Theology [JDS]
LCS American Theology [JDS]
LCS Seminar: God as Creator/Redeemer [JDS]
LCS Seminar: Biblical Theology of Sin/Salvation [JDS]
LCS Seminar: Word of God [JDS]
TEDS Calvin (with Kenneth Kantzer)
MU Atheism and Theism
MU Systematic Theology (i.e., Theology and Law)
GLCC Basic Apologetics
LCS Apologetics: Discovering the Christian Mind [JDS]
LCS Making of the Contemporary Mind [JDS]
TEDS Plantinga’s Thought [WLC]
GLCC Ancient Western Civilization
GLCC Medieval Western Civilization
GLCC Modern Western Civilization
GLCC Church History (year long class)
GLCC Introduction to the Restoration Movement
LCS Church in American Society
LCS Age of the Renaissance
LCS Reformation in England
GLCC Greek (year long class)
GLCC Bible Survey (year long class)
GLCC Life of Christ (year long class)
GLCC Wisdom Literature
GLCC Prophetic Literature
GLCC Daniel
GLCC New Testament Introduction
GLCC Romans/Galatians
GLCC I & II Thessalonians
GLCC Pastoral Epistles
GLCC Revelation
LCS Elementary—Advanced Hebrew (year long class)
LCS Isaiah
LCS Advanced Introduction to New Testament
LCS Matthew
Some Miscellaneous Classes:
GLCC Sociology
GLCC Introduction to Psychology 
GLCC General Science
GLCC Composition & Literature (year long class)
GLCC Personal Evangelism
GLCC Ministerial Counseling
GLCC Introduction to Christian Education
GLCC Church Leadership 
GLCC Church Music
GLCC Missions
GLCC Public Speaking I
GLCC Public Speaking II
GLCC Elementary Homiletics
LCS Advanced Homiletics
LCS Principles of Teaching
LCS Theology/Practice Pastoral Care
LCS Counseling in Crisis
LCS Education Mission of the Church
LCS Research World Mission/Church Growth

I've shown you mine now show me yours! ;-)