Randal Rauser On Hitchens' Razor

I've recently defended Hitchens' Razor. I think it's a superior viewpoint when looking at miracle claims. Breaking News!!! Randal Rauser doesn't think so, at all. Want to know why? It has to do with the evidence for an external world. Here it is, along with my argumentum ad twitter responses. I think it's one of my best Twitter taken downs.

For further reading on this matter see my post, Is It Faith? The Demon, Dream, and Matrix Conjectures.

As an aside, Dr. Rauser wrote a nice blurb for my upcoming anthology on god and horrendous suffering:

As a Christian apologist, I can say that there is no intellectual objection to Christianity more daunting than the problem of horrendous suffering. In this important new book, John Loftus has gathered a diverse collection of voices that seek to build a comprehensive, multi-pronged critique of Christianity based on this most difficult problem. No Christian apologist can afford to ignore it.

-- Dr. Randal Rauser is a Professor of Historical Theology at Taylor Seminary, and co-author of God or Godless?