Jonathan MS Pearce's Book, "The Resurrection: A Critical Examination of the Easter Story" is doing well on Amazon UK!

Pearce used to write for us here at DC. Yesterday his book was doing better on Amazon UK than the book by Dawkins! Check his book out. I wrote a provocative blurb for it:
Hitchens’s Razor, not Bayes’s Theorem, is the proper tool to use against the “absolute baselessness” of the resurrection belief (per David F. Strauss, as quoted in this book). There’s no objective evidence for it. The testimonial evidence is abysmally poor. We should therefore dismiss this superstitious belief for what it is (per Hitchens). However, if you want to take such a belief seriously, read this thoroughly documented terminal case against the resurrection based on the latest research! This is the only book you'll need. Pearce is your expert guide on all the essential issues.
I back up my claim about Hitchen's Razor right here.