Bad, Mediocre, Alarming Jesus Quotes

 “Calling out a silent rebellion…”

Here is my interview with Clint Heacock of the MindShift Podcast, about my new book, Ten Things Christians Wish Jesus Hadn’t Taught: And Other Reasons to Question His Words. I hope to reach a wide audience of Christians, urging them to honestly face the many sayings of Jesus they simply ignore. In the book’s Introduction, I state my agenda:


I’m calling out a silent rebellion by followers of Jesus—including many of his most devout disciples—against some of his key teachings. One characteristic of these teachings is that if they were uttered by anyone other than Jesus, these same believers would reject them immediately and openly, instead of pretending they must mean something else or are too mysterious to grasp.”


The book’s website includes the Table of Contents and a chart of 292 Jesus quotes that fall into four categories. (1) Preaching about the end times; (2) scary extremism; (3) bad advice and bad theology; (4) the unreal Jesus of John’s gospel.


Posted by David Madison, PhD Biblical Studies

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