Jonathan McLatchie Exposed for Being Disengenuous

Albrecht is a Catholic apologist.
Dr. Jonathan McLatchie is dismissing my chapter on apologetics in "The Case against Miracles" saying it "grossly misrepresented" apologetics, even though I quoted directly from apologists and have studied under some of the leading ones. One might ask McLatchie why apologist Gary Habermas invited me to talk with his PhD class on apologetics.
One might also ask why Gary Habermas recommends my book on miracles, if I "grossly misrepresented" apologetics. See his blurb!
Why would Gary do that?
Or, is McLatchie disingenuous, uncharitable, and not to be trusted on these matters?
Watch him double down folks. He could never apologize or change his mind. Sad. But that's usually what it takes to be an apologist. See my book on that.
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