Who Needs a Higher Power To Overcome Addiction?

My wife Sheila and I feed the homeless once a week. We do so in the parking lot of the rescue mission downtown out of the back of my old Jimmy. We have gotten to know some of the homeless and their stories.

We do it to help those in need. If one of them says anything like "God bless you" or "Thanks be to God", I tell him/her we're just being good. We don't believe in God.

One guy approached me recently and said he bought and read my book Why I Became an Atheist, and that it changed his life. "How so?" I asked. He said he no longer believes in God.

Now you might think this is a bad thing, since believing in God can help people down on their luck. Not so! AA hasn't helped him stay sober, neither has God, his higher power. So depending on God didn't work. He said it makes much better sense to rely on yourself. Relying on God is an excuse when you fail. God will also easily forgive you when you fail, and you know it.

Relying on himself forced him to take ownership of his own life, and decisions.

He's been sober about two months now. What we know is that so far he's doing better than he did when relying on a god.

Praise reason!