Dennis R. MacDonald Rejects Jesus Mythicism!

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Dr. Dennis R. MacDonald was interviewed by Edouard Tahmizian, Vice President of Internet Infidels. It's an interesting interview that needs a wide hearing. You can even click below the video for a transcript.

Edouard Tahmizian comments below.
There has been a recent argument between Dr. Dennis R. MacDonald and Dr. Richard Carrier. Dr. Carrier addressed the argument in one of his blogs and mentions me and my interviews with both of them as well.

Dennis claims atheists have been misusing his mimetic works to support The Christ-Myth Theory, which Carrier utterly denies. It is funny, because Dennis does not believe that Judas Iscariot existed, and believes that the empty-tomb narrative is just a mimetic device borrowed from pagan works to symbolize a mortal achieving divine status (like Dr. Robyn Faith Walsh, who I have also interviewed).

Dennis got angry at me during our latest interview (we have had 5). He claims Luke and Acts were written after 100 A.D, and after asking him whether Luke was a bad historian as Carrier argues, he got really upset and exclaimed: “Yeah, except Luke wasn’t trying to write a history! Get over it! …Look, if you are trying to write a history, you don’t begin it by having angels appear to Zacharias to announce the Birth of John The Baptist! What kind of historian would do that?!” He also says that the ‘we’ passages in Acts don’t mean anything, and gives detailed examples as to why in the video.

He also says that people thinking that The Gospels were meant to convert pagans is “I think…nonsense!”.

Bart Ehrman and Dennis MacDonald, though they are staunch historians, ultimately end up helping The Christ Myth case more than they’d like to admit, by considering that so much is a house of empty cards – with much of The Gospel accounts belonging to a Mythical Foundation, as well as putting the N.T writings late (from 70 A.D to 120 A.D). Dr. Robert M. Price agrees with me as well.