David G. McAfee's Review of "The Case Against Miracles" on Amazon

I will be keenly interested in what people say about "The Case Against Miracles" now that a good deal of people downloaded the free book off Amazon yesterday. David G. McAfee reviewed this book a few years back saying;

The Case Against Miracles’ is the Best Anti-Apologetics Book Around!

If you are ever forced to deal with Christian apologists, who spend their lives defending the Christian religion with philosophy and (often incredibly bad) reasoning, then you need this new book by atheist author John W. Loftus.

Let’s start with the obvious: The Case Against Miracles has some of the biggest names in the atheism and skepticism communities. Not only is it edited by Loftus, who also edited The Christian Delusion, but it contains blurbs and essays by Michael Shermer, Dan Barker, Peter Boghossian, David Fitzgerald, and other legends.

Loftus has edited many of the most popular atheist books, and I’d say that his newest book, put out by my publishing house Hypatia Press, is key to helping anyone disprove the idea of miracles from hundreds of different angles.

The book is dedicated to David Hume, and includes many of the late philosopher’s quotes and arguments. There is also a chapter on “five inconvenient truths that falsify biblical revelation” by David Madison.

“Unless we’re offered a reliable, verifiable way to tell the difference between Bible verses that came from a god and those that came from the mind of the guy pushing the pen, the case for the Miracle of Divine Inspiration can’t be made,” Madison writes as part of inconvenient truth number one.

Basically, this book has everything from A to Z in terms of combating religious apologists. I’m sure you know the type. They bog you down with ancient Hebrew translations and their particular church’s personal agendas, and feel like they have the upper hand on everyone.

Well, with this book, you can fight them – and win – on their own turf.LINK.

--McAfee is the author of "Disproving Christianity: Refuting the World's Most Followed Religion," and "No Sacred Cows: Investigating Myths, Cults and the Supernatural"