My Reply to a Trump Supporter

You know much, much more than the evidence shows. In other words, you believe that which lacks evidence. Final answer.

Demand evidence!

Coincidences do not count, since the brain is an expert at finding them.

Suspend what you prefer to believe too, since cognitive studies have proven we believe almost anything if it confirms what we prefer to be true.

Don't trust people who say the evidence is forthcoming, since you should not trust what people say until they produce it.

The bigger the lies are, the more that honest people believe them. The reason is because an honest person cannot conceive of someone so evil as to tell lies that big, unless they are true.

Trump supporters fail in all these ways.

Since it's very hard to convince someone who doesn't need evidence to believe something, then evidence won't usually convince them otherwise.

What I wrote above is why the courts are showing you wrong. Courts rejected all of the election fraud claims, and are rightly holding up evidential standards in the other cases, since no one is above the law.

Anyone who gets prosecuted could say they were singled out. That's because prosecutors do single people out for prosecution, those deemed to be the most egregious criminals. Just make no mistake, election fraud claims are the biggest threat we have to democracy, and a good reason to go after him in the other cases.

The Stormy Daniels hush money is up next. The intent was to hush her up so Trump could get elected. This is a very serious charge.