Measuring Morality, The Highlighter Test

Since Logic is necessary to understand God, we can apply sound principles derived from reasoning, using logic grounded in experience and evidence to other areas of our lives. We can derive a list of sound moral principles in this way. We can take our list of sound moral principles and apply them to other cultures, other time periods and stories in the bible to see if they meet, beat or break the principles.

In this way we can compare our list of sound moral principles to those displayed as evidence and compare them. In this way we can see what percentage of our list of moral principles are met, and then measure how much our morality matches another. I suggest we all take a highlighter and go to the bible and highlight all the verses that do not match our list of morals and see what we have at the end.

I think Christians will agree that their set of morals don't really come from the bible.


Anonymous said...

It is all about origins. If you believe the primordial cosmic egg that big banged and a mixture of gases, blown by it slowly turned into people then there is no point of measuring any morality at all. Who is to set any moral standards ? What is wrong with racism for instance: being a naturalist , one would expect some people to be more evolved than others. But if God created , as stated in the Bible then you better start learning morality quick.