What Would It Take to Convince an Atheist?


Harry H. McCall said...

Great points which Christianity WILL NOT face. Hey, this could be a trick of Satan to cause me to doubt my faith.

Since Jesus spoke in Gnostic like parables which he even had to admit his followers did not understand; E=MC Squared could have been just one of those not understood parables that would have at least had some type of meaning today, plus drawn hundreds of millions to the only true religion, the Christian faith (of course we would still have sects who would have added more dogmas to the E+MC Squared proving that ONLY THEY have the total uncorrupted truths of Jesus / God)!

Before I left Christianity, I had been asked to leave four different Baptist Sunday school classes (3 Southern Baptist and one Independent) NOT because I was rude, NOT because I made false statements, NOT because I was immoral or unethical, but because I asked people to place truth and logic on the level of their sects theology and simply consider the facts.

In fact, today the LDS Stake Mormon President has placed me off limits to all their missionaries and the Jehovah Witnesses will not stop by any more even if I asked them to.

I have personal gotten on the phone and called locale Sunday morning TV preacher to a free lunch at if they would simply let them buy their lunch and spend 2 hours discussing their faith system with me; or put another way, simply put telling, just “telling me about Jesus“.

Faith is the “default” lazy way out served up in “heat and eat” bite size morsels of ignorance. Fact is, no Christian can exceed the mental state of its founder Jesus (or, better put Paul) whose mind set is locked eternally in a would of spirits and demons set by the Biblical canon almost 2,000 years ago!

In short, religious piety is simply faith based gullibility!

Bugger_Butt said...

Seriously, is this what your site has become, John? Youtube crap? If atheists are this gullible and weak-minded then I feel for atheists.

Anonymous said...

Hey Buggerbutt, have you gone to Kent Hovind's Dinosaur Adventureland theme park? Have you watched Jimmy Swaggart or Oral Roberts beg for cash? How about Ray Comfort fondling his banana?

Or if you want a real good example of something that's week-willed and gullible, how about a christian who thinks that posting rude and insulting comments on an anti-christian website is actually going to accomplish something.

(I await with baited breath for what will undoubtedly be a witty and educational response.)

Anonymous said...

bb, I said the same kinds of things about a year ago seen here. Sometimes a video will catch more people's attention, that's all.


sconnor said...

Butt said, Seriously, is this what your site has become, John? Youtube crap? If atheists are this gullible and weak-minded then I feel for atheists.

Wow, well said, very articulate. There is no doubt, that your intelligence far outweighs the mere atheists intellect. It's obvious by your well thought out and well written diatribe, that you are well read and on your way to, perhaps, completing a thesis, maybe getting a masters or finishing a doctorate? I mean your words -- they're pure poetry in motion and they speak volumes of a person who's capacity for knowledge is mind-boggling. We hang on your every word, for they issue forth a profundity, that only a colossal intellect -- with the collective wisdom, of all the great thinkers, of the world -- can achieve. Oh Butt, you truly grace us with your brilliant insight and your penetrating, philosophical omniscience -- thank you for educating us.

Care to man-up and reveal your beliefs or are you going to continue to cower under the skirt of egomania and delusions of grandeur?


Barry de la Rosa said...

While I applaud your effort in taking the time to spell it out for the simple-minded, the answer to the question posed by your post can be supplied by just one word: evidence.

Kyle Szklenski said...

An interesting, semi-related topic has come up at http://stephenlaw.blogspot.com

It's under the post entitled, "Proof that God exists".

goprairie said...

i clung for years to the studies that prayer worked - that nurse's study - i took it that either there were spirits of dead people that were willing to help us out or some sort of higher power willing to intervene with nature for us - that was 'evidence' to me. then they found out that those who were not being prayed for and those who were prayed for without being told did exactly the same - and that who knew they were being prayed for did WORSE than the others - the only way to explain that is that people who wait for god to fix it instead of taking responsibility for themselves do worse for it. to me that was not only lack of evidence for a god, but strong evidence agaianst, as how oculd a god let people prayed for in his name suffer for it?
since that realization, every time i see 'god evidence' and look for another explanation, there is a natural one ready to be found and lo, the natural one makes more sense, is more likely, more fully explains the situation, requires less contortion of logic, and so on. not one thing presented to me as proof of god has withstood the comparison to a more logical answer from nature, from the feeling of awe and 'oneness' one feels in nature to faith healing to those who thing a guardian angel has saved them from harm to the diversity of species and on and on and on. not only do i fail to see evidence FOR god, as i look, i increasingly see evidence AGAINST god, as things happen that a all-powerful all-knowing all-loving god would certainly intervene in. take one of those away from a description of god, and god can't be. god isn't.

Anonymous said...

If jesus wants to convince me, and he wants a personal relationship, as I've said before, all he has to do is, after I put my shaving cream on my face and just before I lay the razor down, write "I" on my left cheek and "am" on my right, so I can see it in the mirror.

simple, elegant.

Harry H. McCall said...

Christianity has everything to do with the social relationships between believers and only hopeful trust called “faith” to relate it to the real world.

Thus, this social relationship can be broken should a Christian believer enter into a discussion with any of the following three groups. In other words, the social harmonization begins when the converting stops:

1. A Christian has a discussion with a member of another faith based religion (Hindu, Moslem or Sheik).

2. A Christian has a discussion with an agnostic or an atheist.

3. A Christian has discussion with another Christian sect such as when a Jehovah Witness meets a Catholic. In this sense, even the Christian faith is only valid as long as the socialization does not involve heresy (a theistic faith system which most Christian sects feel is worst then atheism itself!).

When I was a Southern Baptist studying at Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Ga. I was labeled “Harry the heretic” and constantly asked: “What are you doing here?” That summer, when I was to do my Supervised Ministry, I was informed by the Southern Baptist director for my district that I would not be given a church because I had not studied at a Southern Baptist Seminary.

In retrospect, the truth of Christianity is limited even within it own faith based system in that I have yet to see a Presbyterian minister fill in on Sunday morning for a Southern Baptist or vise versa.

Again, the truth of the Christian faith is only as valid as it harmonized social sectarian relationship allows it to be; be it within its faith system or out of its faith system.

In short, Christianity is its own worst faith based enemy!

lee said...

I kind of like the You-tube stuff. It makes me feel like I am at a seeker sensitive Willow Creek, Saddleback Valley drama fest.