It's Possible God Exists Even Though All Life Has Evolved

The implications of evolution are enormous, as I have said before. But even though all life has evolved it's still possible for a supernatural force (or being) to exist. To see this all we need to do is look at what dog breeders do on a regular basis. They manipulate the breeding habits of their dogs to produce new breeds all of the time. In a like manner some kind of god could act like these dog breeders by manipulating the environment and breeding habits of the various species on earth to produce new ones. Doing so would not violate the evolutionary process. It would merely inject purposeful direction into it. I admit this. It's possible God exists even though all life has evolved. But how reasonable is it to suppose this scenario is the case? Not much. Let me discuss such a claim, and then open it up for more discussion.

I'm continually amazed at how often Christians hang their hats on mere possibilities, as I've argued before. Such a scenario is possible, but what we want to know is if it is probable. It's also possible that the Loch Ness Monster exists who escapes all of our attempts to detect it.

The first question we need to ask is where is the evidence for such a claim? Where is it? I don't see any God doing anything. Who does? Who needs evidence when one has faith, which is why I claim faith is an irrational leap over the probabilities. Faith punts to possibilities, that's all it can do. For if someone reached a conclusion based on good evidence that person doesn't need faith.

The second question is why, if a good omnipotent creator exists, he made the law of predation one of the centerpieces of his creative work? Evolution works through the survival of the fittest. Nature is red in tooth and claw. This evolutionary process has forced animals to kill or be killed. Sometimes they are even eaten while still alive. Nearly 99% of all species that have ever existed are extinct because the evolutionary process is extremely wasteful. This is surely not a good way for an omnipotent creator to create. If there is some supernatural force (or being) it is not the God of Christian theology. Let's have done with such a notion and place it into the dustbin of false and harmful ideas.

A third question is what it gains believers to say there is a supernatural force (or being), if that's all they can claim? That god is no different than no god at all. Such a force would be a distant god, and as such, an unnecessary hypothesis, irrelevant to life and our pursuit of knowledge and happiness. Why would we need such a god? He can safely be ignored.

A fourth question is where did this supernatural force (or being) come from? It doesn't explain anything to say it is a necessary being. That's what I call definitional apologetics. Perhaps the universe (or multiverse) is the necessary being. I see no reason to suppose it isn't.

In any case, while it's possible God exists it's such a slim possibility, given evolution, that the more reasonable position by far is that such an entity is an unnecessary hypothesis we can do without.