The Outsider Test for Faith is For People Who Really Want to Know the Truth

The Outsider Test for Faith (OTF) is for people who really want to know if their faith is true. If they do, then it can be likened to a commitment to go on a diet. Just like a person who wants to lose weight so also the OTF demands the same kind of personal commitment. No one can make such a commitment for another person. But that's the first step. It takes resolve. It takes discipline to begin it and to consistently carry through with it.

And just like a diet where a friend can look at the lack of commitment to it (like when eating the wrong foods or the lack of exercise), so also a skeptical friend can look at the lack of commitment when taking the OTF (like when punting to faith rather than seriously wrestling with the issues involved, or not assuming the burden of proof at every juncture along the way).

So if Christians (or any other believers) want to know whether their faith is true they should welcome the input of skeptical friends who will argue they are not being consistent in their commitment to the OTF. And believers would not rely on sound bites or blog posts but delve deeply into the literature of those who disagree, such as I've provided here.

I am sure that a consistent commitment to taking the OTF will lead Christian believers to reject their faith. And that's what I would argue. Whether my arguments succeed or not really depends on a believer's commitment to know the truth. That's my informed opinion even if I cannot convince believers that this is the case. Unlike a person who doesn't lose weight from a lack of commitment to a diet, there is nothing empirical I can really point out to show believers they lack a commitment to the OTF. But I can try.

So again, the OTF is for people who really want to know if their faith is true. It provides the only non-double standard for assessing the truth or falsity of their faith. Skeptical friends who look on can help assess whether believers are seriously committed to doing this, and believers who really want to know the truth will welcome our input.