How are we doing and what do you want?

So John is taking a rest and we wish him very well. He has left you, wisely or not, in our hands (by and large). As any good organisation knows, feedback is vital to providing a great service that people want and which is useful. I don't want to get all corporate on you, but this will hopefully be a useful exercise for us all.

Firstly, have the articles and posts been useful and interesting for you?
Are there any complaints about them, or things that you feel have succeeded?
What are the types of posts you most value, or is it a case of variety being the spice of life?

Since engaging with Christians is a large part of what we are about (massaging our own wonderful freethinking gets you only so far!), and arguably the most successful posts are the ones where we have some back and forth with Christians, how do you think we can attract more dialogue, and useful discussion with Christians?

This is your chance to let us know how we can improve, and what you want out of Debunking Christianity.