Why Christianity has Contributed to the Development of the Porn Industry

For the most part, Christians have always felt uncomfortable with their sexuality. In this post, I will explain why this is so, and why the attitude Christian society has towards the human body and human sexuality has led to sex being viewed as something "dirty," and that the human body itself is "filthy."
The Christian view that humans are "born sinners" and that the body is filthy, and sex is "dirty" then leads people to act on their so-called "sinful nature"--which has inevitably contributed to the development of the porn industry.

How could this be you might ask? It all began with the "Eve whore" in Genesis --who is blamed for luring man into partaking of the forbidden fruit. The forbidden fruit then became a metaphor for human sexuality, and sexuality then became to be viewed by Christians as an indulgence that is immoral and potentially dangerous. But why? In the story of Adam and Eve, Yahweh told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit--but they did anyway. After they had eaten the forbidden fruit, they then realized they were naked, and shamefully covered themselves with leaves they had "sewn" together. (How they knew how to sew, and where they got the needle and thread from is not explained in the story.) Through Augustine, this instigated the view that somehow the human body is dirty and shameful and should be covered, and sex is somehow an immoral act. However, this is not main context of this story at all, as I note in another post --it is a red herring. The original authors of this story, and theologians of the past and present would have us think the "shame of nakedness" and the "original sin" of partaking of the "forbidden fruit" were the focus of this story--but they are not. The real focus of this story is the transition from a matriarchal society to a patriarchal one, which allows the demonization of women, as traditionally, Eve is blamed for the "Fall of Man."

That Eve was scapegoated and women were vilified by the Abrahamic faiths is explained by one of my favorite philosophers, Mary Daly, who was a feminist and theologian who taught at Boston College. In her book "Gyn/Ecology, she explains how an "all male homosexual trinity" claimed to be responsible for all of creation; and the "Virgin Mary," who was but a vessel that could only be validated by a man, has helped lead society to where it is today concerning attitudes towards sex and women. It was through these myths that the Bible writers sought to eliminate the goddess. Men, jealous of the creators of life, sought to vilify women, thereby elevating their own status--and they did so via such myths. Unfortunately, this vilification has led those in Christian society--whether they claim to be Christian or not--to view sex and women as immoral and dirty.

Most people believe that this is how it has always been--but this is not the case at all. In fact, in Africa, before the introduction of Christianity, women walked around half naked, or completely naked, and nobody paid any mind. They were not lusted after as "Eve whores,"--as their body and their sex was completely natural for them. It was through the Abrahamic faiths that the natural act of sex became something unnatural. This then leads down a rabbit hole, where men blame their own urges on the "Eve whore" as they themselves believe that everything from masturbation to sexual enjoyment in general is "dirty"--making women the scapegoats. This view of the "Eve-whore" was then promulgated throughout our society in general--resulting in perverted views of human sexuality. It is our antecedent beliefs that influence how we "see" things, and it is the results of these beliefs that has not only suppressed women, but has also promoted the view of women as dirty "Eve-whores." (Note, that there are no derogatory terms--at least I do not know of one--that denigrates men for participating in sexual acts--but there are MANY such derogatory terms for women.)

I do not view sex as something "dirty," nor am I a hedonist. I believe that sex is completely natural and is an expression of love that should not be taken lightly. I also believe that when people commit to each other, they can have a fabulous sex life. Christians however, with their perverted view of sex, do not see it that way. Not only is sex in marriage no longer a "forbidden fruit" for many Christians, (i.e.,boring) but wives themselves are viewed as somehow "pure," so quite naturally, this then leads to adultery where the "born sinners" seek out the "Eve-whores" to satisfy their "sinful" urges.  (They could never do that with their wives they say.)--which has also been a contributing factor to the development of the porn industry. Unfortunately, women, who believe they are now liberated from the bondage of men, are also now participating in the same way that men are--but that is a subject for another post.

Therefore, the perverted views of sex resulting from the influences of Christianity has been a contributing factor to the development of the porn industry. So Christians who whine about the sexual immorality in society should take a look in the mirror.....
Cathy Cooper