Four Blurbs Recommending the Book "God or Godless?"

Here are the four blurbs for the book by Michael Licona, Hector Avalos, Richard Carrier and David Marshall:


In God or Godless?, Randal Rauser and John Loftus provide bite-sized discussions on a variety of topics. The discussions are very readable and provide helpful overviews. Rauser is a progressive evangelical. Although many will not always agree with the answers he proposes, such as what to make of child sacrifices and genocide in the Bible, he more often than not makes clear points I find compelling. Loftus is a worthy foe who has earned a bit of attention and respect through his publications and public debates. This book is an enjoyable and informative read that will challenge you to think about the issues discussed.”

Dr. Michael R. Licona, associate professor of theology, Houston Baptist University; author of Paul Meets Muhammad.


"The argument between skeptics and Christians has existed since the beginning of Christianity. Randal Rauser and John Loftus continue that argument with gusto, conciseness, and civility. This book should be the first stop for readers shopping for dueling voices from two of the most articulate advocates for Christianity and atheism."

Dr. Hector Avalos, Professor of Religious Studies, Iowa State University.


"This is a fascinating and sometimes humorous intro to twenty common debates between atheists and theists. You'll find countless rambling and confused versions of such debates online. But here you will find a clear, concise, well-written exchange on each. Keeping it short, they can't include every point to be made. But they make a good show of where each side stands on these questions and why. If you want to continue these debates further, start with this."

Dr. Richard Carrier, author of Sense and Goodness without God.


"This is not a quarrel, nor one of those flame wars of the deaf that rage across cyberspace then spills angrily into print, nor even that stuffy, artificial creation, a ‘religious dialogue.” What we have here is conversation: at times witty, at times tendentious, often humorous and almost always engaged on emotional as well as intellectual levels. Rauser is master of parables with a philosophical point: Loftus makes an art form of heart-on-his-sleeve pragmatism. Both land blows, yet the book contains hardly a trace of bitterness: at best, it reaches the level of a mythical, Platonic debate in a pub. Almost no one will fully agree with either writer, nor fail to enjoy the rhetorical flow."

Dr. David Marshall, author of The Truth Behind the New Atheism.


Looks like some good recommendations, eh? Both sides recommend it. Both sides will be reading and discussing it.

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