Christians Are Not Credible Witnesses So Christianity is Not Credible Either

"'You are my witnesses,' says Yahweh" (Isaiah 43:10). Jesus even prayed that based on the Christian witness the world would know God sent him (John 17:20-23). I think it's demonstrably the case that his prayer has never been fulfilled. It's exceedingly probable it will never be fulfilled in the future either. Even if it will be answered in the future it doesn't change the fact that people all over the world have been sent to hell because it hasn't been answered yet. Christians are not credible witnesses. You'd think if the credibility of what they believe is on the line their God would do something about this. But he doesn't do anything discernible at all. So let's rehearse some of the facts.

Consider this list of scandals involving prominent evangelical Christians. Keep in mind these are prominent Christians. That's just a drop in the bucket to the number of scandals that surface every single day in the local churches involving Christians who are not prominent. And this only represents the ones who have been exposed. From this data I have reason to suspect that the very Christians who comment here are doing things they would be utterly ashamed of, and perhaps even criminal, if they were exposed. We may never know of course, because they can lie about it if needed.

Speaking of which, lying for Jesus has quite a history to it. There is even a good book on it called, what else, Liars for Jesus. And we all know of several faked discoveries of Noah’s Ark. Time and again we see Christians who will lie in order to defend their faith, or at the very least not be intellectually honest in defending it.

The tradition of lying for Jesus stems further back in time though. The "Donation of Constantine" was a Christian forgery which was purportedly written in the 4th century whereby Constantine donated all of the Western Roman Empire to the authority of the Pope. The so-called Testimonium Flavianum (Ant. XVIII. 63 - 4) concerning Jesus is another Christian forgery. Worse yet, the scribes who copied the texts we have in our Bibles repeatedly corrupted it, as Bart Ehrman exposes in his scholarly book, The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture: The Effect of Early Christological Controversies on the Text of the New Testament.Christians even forged several of the canonized books in the New Testament, as Bart Ehrman shows in his book, Forged: Writing in the Name of God--Why the Bible's Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are.

The stories in the gospel texts that exist contain lies, as seen in Randel Helms's book, Gospel Fictions.This is best illustrated by the infancy narratives that biblical scholars overwhelmingly agree could not be true. Modern Christian translators even lie when translating the original languages of these texts, as Hector Avalos argues in chapter one his book, The End of Biblical Studies.

See a pattern here? I sure do.

This lying of Jesus started even further back, during the time of King Josiah. And even further back than that there were lies being spread during King David's reign, as Thom Stark shows in chapter 7 of his book, The Human Faces of God,with regard to the story of David slaying Goliath (Hint it didn't happen. It was propaganda pure and simple). And even further back the lies began when it came to borrowing and then adapting the mythical stories of creation in the Mesopotamian area.

So no wonder our own sir_russ is hard on Christians when rightly saying:
Christians cannot be trusted concerning miracles, but that's to be expected since they lie about everything else associated with their religion. Christians lie about church attendance. Christians lie about reading the Bible. Christians lie about how much money they give to their churches. Christians lie about so much that every Christian miracle claim should be dismissed out of hand.

Realize that the Christians who tell so many lies concerning their religion today live in the information age when empircism and data analysis techniques can reveal their lies. Those who wrote the Bible lived at a time when no one could check up on their lies. We have no reason to believe in Christian miracles today, and we sure as hell have no reason to believe the drivel in the Bible. When one fucks up the simple stuff like the Earth orbiting the Sun and the make believe of Adam and Eve, and then continues to teach it to children as fact for centuries, they get no additional opportunities to bamboozle and defraud us. Credibility is shot. He is an irredeemable liar, and should be treated as such. He cannot see that he's lying since the way of the Christian social clubs is to support the lies. He fails to understand that this is not the first century and that if his claims were true we would all see them.
I would think if Christianity is true then Christians wouldn't have to lie for Jesus. But they have a long long history of it. In fact, I would argue that to the degree they lie to defend their faith is the degree their faith is false, and we've discovered too many lies to think it has any credibility at all.

"'You are my witnesses,' says Yahweh" (Isaiah 43:10).

Yep, and this witness falsifies any attempt for Christianity to be considered credible.

Christians can claim the free will thingy all they want to. It does nothing, however, to deflect the evidence that Christianity itself is based on lies. If God cannot do anything about this that makes no difference at all when we look at the evidence. Even if it's not God's fault it falsifies Christianity. And since that's the case a reasonable God should know that reasonable people cannot believe. He would know that the credibility of his demand to believe has been shot and therefore he could not reasonably send anyone to hell for non-belief.


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Better answer that coward.

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Why did christs diciples choose to become Martyrs? The proof of their execution exists. But no atheist has ever been close to having a credible answer. Which makes my point. If you dont answer i will be sure to write a blog about the debunking of Christian debunking.