Pat Robertson Admits He Was Wrong About the Election

God told him that Mitt Romney would win. So either God was wrong or he was. Guess what Robertson chooses to believe? No, really, guess. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Typical response from a fundie. The old "I'm-a-true-prophet-up-until-people-challenge-me-and-now-that-I've-been-proven-wrong-I-have-to-reinterpret-what-I-said" method. Isn't it funny how these "prophets" are only so sure about their predictions BEFORE they take place since there's no way to speed things up in time and see if they'll ever come true? But as a last resort, when their failed prophecies are exposed, they can always say, "Well it was MY fault that I didn't hear the Lord correctly." Gee, how convenient. Apparently this omniscient, omnipotent and "omni- whatever else" god can't relay a simple message to one of his followers since apparently he mumbles answers. But wow...the excuses some people come up with to protect their delusions. Pathetic.

— Adam Ochoa