Five Stages of Grief in Losing Faith: Elizabeth Kübler-Ross Reworked

After six years of posting articles and answering comments and rebuttals from believers at DC , I’ve reworked Elizabeth Kübler-Ross’ five stages of grief into five stages of losing faith. Depending upon a believer’s religious educational level, this process may begin as late as stage 3.

Stages of Losing Faith:

Denial: This is totally wrong! It’s un-Godly and un-Biblical! You have to be an idiot to believe this!

Anger: This is nothing more than a conspiracy by a bunch of lying atheists who hate God (go figure)! I know a theological scholar who will demolish your premise!

Bargaining: You’re Cherry Picking. You don’t know the original languages. You must read the New Testament in light of Church doctrine and the Old Testament in light of the New Testament. Atheists just don’t understand hermeneutics! (I’ll need time for prayer and meditation as I seek God’s answer).

Depression: I’m confused. Please God, give me knowledge and deliver me from this satanic attack of doubt. Why did I question you? Why don’t you answer me? Help me Jesus!

Acceptance: In this stage, the believer now realizes he or she has far over estimated God and the Bible and has lived in a dream world based on theology. Maybe I was too religious. Maybe I just need to let this whole question of God and the Bible rest for awhile. (Now for the once strong believer, Biblical truth is becoming an oxymoron.)