On Blogging and Book Writing and Lost Sheep

There are bloggers who write daily and there are authors of books. It seems most people fall into one or the other category. I'm happy to be categorized among the people who both blog and write books. I have blogged daily for seven years and have published five books in five years. It has been a massive time consuming effort. It's been a huge uphill struggle and a giantic challenge. I've fought many battles along the way. But it's been worth it. People have asked how I find the stamina to continue on. I like Tevye's answer, said with his deep voice in The Fiddler on the Roof: "I'll tell you. I don't know." The bottom line is that I'm a passionate man. I don't listen to the naysayers when I think I'm right. I'm not afraid of failing either, especially if I think I can succeed (I have succeeded, haven't I?). ;-)

You would think that if God knew me he would find a way to keep me in the fold, just like others whom he let go. He could've done for me what he supposedly did for Moses, Gideon, Joseph (the supposed father of Jesus), James (the brother of Jesus), and Paul the Apostle. He could show me he exists without abrogating my free will, just like he did for them. Or, he could have snapped his omnipotent fingers and took away my critical thinking skills so I would continue to believe, and not do what I have done since leaving the fold. Instead, he was a shepherd who was asleep on duty, taking a whiz or something, while this lone sheep wandered off away from the fold, contrary to the Parable of the Lost Sheep. Now that's a caring shepherd, right? This scenario repeats itself daily in the lives of other sheep who leave the Christian fold and go on to argue against their former faith. If God wants believers to remain in the fold he continually keeps shooting himself in the foot. That's an intelligent thing for an all-wise God to do, right? But wait, in response to this, here come the Bible thumpers who mindlessly quote-mine from the Bible or the theology based on it, which is the opposite of actually thinking about these issues. *Sigh*