I’m Not a Christian or Theist, But You’re Wrong about the Bible!

As I continue to gather more facts for my forth coming post on the Canonization of the Bible, I became aware that this post on the Bible (like many of my others) will draw negative critics from supposed friendly fire.

An example of this is I’ve often noticed that when I post a critical article on the Bible here at DC, it’s not very long before I’ll get a comment objecting to my thesis. Inevitably several people will show up objecting and almost always preface their rebuttals with something like:

I just want to make it clear that I’m neither a Christian nor a theist, but your facts are totally wrong about the Bible.”


Oh by the way, I’m an atheist and here's why you’re wrong . . .

Often, I’ll usually click on their Disqus Profile only to find that they have not been around long. In fact, most of these people identifying themselves as none Christian, none theist or outright stating “I’m an atheist.”, have Disqus Profiles reporting they left commits nowhere else other than at DC and – most interesting - the only place at DC they have ever left a comment is their objection(s) to my post. Then as quickly as they came to DC, they disappear back into the darkness of cyber world often to never repost any commits at DC again (so their Disqus Profile continues to point out).

What really bothers me about these type of people is that they think that by a denying they are Christians, theists, or claiming they are atheists, they assume readers will acknowlege more objectivity for their rebuttals . . . that such rebuttals should then carry more weight.

Fact is, I have more respect for Christians posting rebuttals to my articles than believers posing as hypocrites!