I’m Right and You’re Wrong: Christians Converting Christians to “True Christianity

What we need is a religion that is not only right where we are right, but right where we are wrong. G.K. Chesterton

In Christianity one thing is for sure, belief in the saving power of Jesus IS NOT the real dogma in Christianity any more than a football is the real dogma in the game of Football! Theological reality proves it’s which sect or denominational team you are a member of and pulling for.

From the outside, Christianity appears to offer a very simple theology in that one only needs faith in Jesus Christ to get him or her to Heaven, but reality proves this raw faith is usually considered worthless (or even damnable) before God. Thus, when the doorbell rings and the unsuspecting person is facing two Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons or Evangelical Christians (with their sect's exclusive Gospel (Good News)) then he or she soon learns that a hard choice must be made apart from simple faith in Jesus.

If the individual answering the door engages the missionaries in their question and answer introduction, this unsuspecting person becomes an prospective member and is offered a free Bible study to start the process of indoctrination. The preceding example is just one of the thousands of times in the United States alone where every year Christianity is peddled door to door as an exclusive product designed to be truer and better than the competition. In light of such aggressive proselytizing, there's little wonder Christian is exceeding 20,000 sects!

Since the time Christianity emerged from Judaism, it has had to face a major internal genetic defect: Apostasy! Even a general reading of the New Testament provides proof of this in that the Jesus presented in the Synoptic Gospels is at odds with the Jesus in the Gospel of John which is itself at odds with a reformed gospel the Apostle Peter is given while praying on the roof in Acts 11: 1 – 10 followed by Paul rebuking Peter in Galatians 2: 11 – 14 and finally with Paul’s planting and supporting his own churches over and above those he did not plant (except the Church at Rome to which his last and most famous Epistle was addressed).

Historically, from Apostolic times through modern times, truth is defined neither by the New Testament or by some personal divine revelation, but by evolving truth. Simply take a course on church history or pick up a Christian dictionary (such as the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church), and one is confronted with the fact that orthodoxy was never never static, but a dynamic belief like any other human subjective creation being in a state of constant change as "Christian truth" is redefined!

When I was a student at Bob Jones University in 1971, I had to attend a week long lecture on Why a Bible Christian Can Not Support Billy Graham. I remember Dr. Bob Jones, Jr. (University Chancellor) telling the roughly 5,000 member student body one morning in chapel that ”Billy Graham has done more damage to Christianity than any man who had ever lived!” Why? Because (according to Dr. Bob, Jr.) Billy Graham had “Sold out to compromise and apostasy in his 1957 New York Crusade by having Catholics and liberals sit with him on the platform.” So it was with little surprise that when Billy Graham held his 1966 crusade in Greenville, SC, Bob Jones University put all faculty, staff and students on notice that they would be either fired or expelled should any attend this apostate's services.

I still (at times) receive a news letter from a conservative Protestant missionary now in Guam (a nation 85% Catholic). He often laments over all the lost people under the "false and Satanic Catholic Church" trusting in the “traditions of men” for their salvation instead of the Bible.

Contrary to the missionary in Guam, I’ll sometimes listen to Catholic Answers, a program dealing with apologetics on EWTN (The Catholic Global Radio Network) on SiriusXM. One of their most famous apologist is Karl Keating (himself a converted Protestant) who debunks all “false attacks” on The Church. One major part of this program is the “Welcome Home” segment in which a returning / former Catholic is interviewed as to how God lead him or her back to the true faith.

Finally, for the believer who may think he or she has found the true Christian faith, a false apostate Christian is consider worst than an atheist in that heresy is nothing short of having faith in The Doctrines of Devils:
But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, by means of the hypocrisy of liars seared in their own conscience as with a branding iron. (1 Timothy 4: 1 – 2) For such false Christians, a fiery eternity awaits (or may not, depending on true doctrine)!

Ironically, the Christian search for salvation and its final goal of Heaven can be summed up in the following famous statement: You pays your money (and you takes your chances).