Christian Philosopher Victor Reppert: "Ridiculousness and truth are not incompatible."

Here is the major defender of the argument from reason to God speaking, mind you. Either he is deliberately trying to be provocative in order to get hits or, well, you decide. He said:.
I can listen to someone mock my beliefs, in fact I can even mock them myself, and not find any reason whatsoever in the mockery for rejecting that belief. I enjoy this kind of mockery. In fact, I hold that there are certain beliefs that are on the one hand completely ridiculous, and on the other hand, completely true. Ridiculousness and truth are not incompatible.
The definition of Ridiculousness: "Deserving or inspiring ridicule; absurd, preposterous, or silly. See Synonyms at foolish." I would never say that of the things I think are probably true, since probabilities are all that matter here. Faith makes you say stupid things Vic. Your Brain is Made Stupid By Faith. I'm serious folks. You can't make this shit up!