Randal Rauser: "Theology is the Queen of the Sciences"

Randal was interviewed not long ago on the "Apologetics 315" podcast. The 315 refers to 1 Peter 3:15 where we read, "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." Randal was raised to believe, which is typical. He is a generalist, just like me. But he affirms the antiquated view, long ago rejected, that "theology is the queen of the sciences." How is theology a science? What evidence does it deal with? What is the method of faith? This all baffles me to no end. You can't make this shit up! LINK. I do appreciate that Randal is willing to revise his theology by reinventing the origins of Christianity when needed. And I appreciate that he doesn't think atheists are necessarily irrational. But come on Randal, you know better than this, don't you? To Brian Auten of "Apologetics 315" I say, why don't you open up your interviews to atheists like me? Do what Justin Brierley of Unbelievable does. Invite a real dialogue not a monologue. Your site would be better. Unlike Justin, you couldn't even link to my blog.