Did You Know Ed Brayton of Freethought Blogs Was Recently Ordered to Take His Site Down?

That's right! Here's what he was told:
You are heretofore given notification to take down your atheist website. You are notified your website leads to scientific illiteracy. You are therefore hereby commanded the following: this communication also functions to notify you of the narrow minded and blasphemous nature of the content you host. It is decided atheist fiction and error has no rights. It has therefore been decided that both the conceptual and physical expression of atheist superstitions has no raison d’ĂȘtre either on your site or anywhere else for that matter. The Sovereign Jurisdiction of the Holy Roman Church has made this determination. Should you fail to abide by that which has been declared herein: expect a swifter arrival of condemnation. Outside the Catholic Church There is No Salvation: view www.vaticancatholic.com
Did he do it? Hell no. What utter and complete nonsense. But that's what you get when your brain is made stupid by faith, and everyone who has faith is made to be stupid to some degree, as I recently argued. Christian, you can see it in others. Why can't you see it in yourself?