"This Book Changed the Course of My Life"

It's not often that one book can change the course of someone's life, but it does happen. That's what a reviewer recently said of a book. Which one? What else did he say? Here, read it for yourself:

For US, UK, and Aussie readers, the following review was published on the Canadian version of Amazon of my book "Why I Became an Atheist":
By Dylan
When I first picked up this book, (in it's first edition, initially), I was still a struggling Christian attempting to find merit in Christian apologetics and hoping to find my way back to some kind of faith. Loftus' arguments towards examining one's faith as if one was an outsider seemed very compelling, (and eventually blindingly obvious) to me, and I read this book with a critical attitude that I hadn't had when reading some other books critiquing Christianity or religion in general. And if Dawkins, Dennett etc. had cracked open the door for me, this book kicked it in.

In addition to the arguments for the Outsider Test for Faith, I found the discussions of pseudonimity and prophecy in the Christian Bible eye-opening - in a lifetime of Christian living, why hadn't I ever heard these things before? But I especially found Loftus' discussion of the problems with prayer compelling and devastating. Loftus also provided my first exposure to the actual state of affairs regarding the authorship and dating of the Gospels, and of the numerous scientific and historical improbabilities regarding the nativity; at one point, I think I have six consecutive pages dog-eared.

As someone who now, a few years later, openly self-identifies as an atheist, it's hard for this review not to sound like sports 'homerism,' but there's no way around that. I can honestly say this book changed the course of my life, and I thank John for that.
Wow! Just wow! I am humbled and flattered that what I've written had this affect on Dylan, whoever he is. It's reviews like this that have propelled my book to 12,000th at amazon.ca as I write this.