After 100 Years of Faithful Christian Service, God Calls a Church Home to Heaven

When I was a student at Columbia Theological Seminary, this was one church (out of more than several dozen) where we could do our required Supervised Ministry. As I watched the news account of the fire, I was left wondering just how believers would explain the reason this church caught fire and burnt, which took one-hundred fire fighters to extinguish and remains unknown. As an atheist I’m sorry this historical church burnt, but for us non-believers; hey, shit happens. However, I do have four questions for Christians: A. Did God cause the fire to test the congregation’s faith (a standard theological ploy often used as an excuse)? B. Did God cause the fire to punish disobedience and sin (Based on the Bible, God hates sin and punishes unforgiven sin both in this life and the next)? C. Did Satan attack and burn God’s house (In the New Testament, Satan is always at war with God)?
D. Or does shit simply happened and Christians really don’t have any better explanation than atheists in spite of their Christian faith?