Another "Not a Real Christian" Christian Bites the Dirt

Married Youth Pastor
Victim of youth pastor sex abuse speaks out

"The abuse started with secret text messages which led to a sexual relationship between a teenager and married youth pastor."

In the mid 1970’s I had a fellow classmate who was an assistant pastor of an upstate South Carolina Baptist church.  It so happen that one summer the church was planning a week long youth camp in the Blue Ridge Mts.  My pastor friend told me about a phone conversation he had with the mother of a teenage girl who wanted to attend the church camp which was under the direction of a new youth minister.  

As I recall, the phone conversation went something like this:
Mother:  What kind of youth minister is Rev. Ted?
Assistant Pastor:   Rev. Ted is an excellent leader who loves working with youth.
Mother:  No, I want to know how Rev. Ted is with the girls?
Assistant Pastor:   Rev. Ted is excellent with young women and is a great spiritual leader.
Mother:  Damn it!  I want to know if Rev. Ted can keep his peker in his pants?!